Community Service Committee

Community Service

Community Service is one of the main reasons for Rotary, it is how we help people in the local community and in specific international projects.

In the local area of Leytonstone and Woodford we support many organisations and people in different ways. and toilettried

Memory Café helps those with early dementia and their carers to have an enjoyable couple of hours of sing along music, games, quizzes and cups of tea or coffee with hot fresh cakes in the safe environment of Chigwell Convent on the last Friday of each month from 10am to 12.00noon.

Salvation Army

We work on many projects with the local Salvation Army in Leytonstone, the most notable being the organisation of a Christmas Children’s Party with an entertainer and plenty of food. The invited children are selected by the Salvation Army as being children in need. We also donate up to 100 Christmas presents to the children - for some it might be their first ever present.

Christmas Food Parcels

With the wonderful help of Nightingale School’s Harvest Festival Collection and additional food and toiletries we purchase, we are able to donate 100 food parcels every Christmas to people in need in Leytonstone and Woodford.

We have also worked with Leytonstone Food Bank who provide weekly provisions to families.

Know your blood pressure day

Every year a group of trained people spend a day in George Lane, South Woodford taking passers-by Blood Pressure which is the main cause of Strokes. Many people are unaware of their blood pressure and in several instances we have recommended people go to their doctor as soon as possible as they are at high risk.


In addition we organise a car service to take blind people to a club every Thursday where they have a wonderfully entertaining afternoon. We also make specific donations to many other local organisations and individuals who need a little help.


We donate to the Rotary “End Polio Now” project which over the last 35 years has seen polio eradicated from everywhere except Pakistan and Afghanistan .

We also give funds when there have been major natural disasters such as hurricanes, flood and earthquakes to support local Rotarians coordinating aid in the countries concerned.  Donations of Shelterbox and Aquabox have been a lifeline to many.